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Founded in 1992, Clean Management Environmental Group, Inc. started out as a small hazardous waste disposal company, servicing primarily the east coast. Over the last 3 decades, Clean Management has expanded its service areas nationwide into all 50 states, offering full-service environmental and industrial services.

Our Corporate office and TSDF (treatment, storage, disposal facility) is located in Walterboro, SC., strategically located in the Interstate 95 corridor between the ports of Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA, our facility lies on a well-buffered, 250 acre site in the Colleton County Industrial Park. We chose this location as it is near the cement kilns and landfills that we utilize, as well as the two major ports for importing and exporting.

We own and operate the first permitted non-hazardous processing facility (TSDF) in the Southeast.

Clean Management’s logo features an Oak tree, which is meant to resemble strength, stability, and honesty. Clean Management has lived up to its logo; it is one of the oldest environmental companies in the country that has never changed its name or filed for bankruptcy. Clean Management remains a privately owned and completely debt free company to this day.


Protecting our Children’s Future

How we beat the competition.

Being in business for over 30 years has allowed us to develop efficient transportation routes and disposal methods, therefore offering you the most competitive prices in the industry. Our environmental experts have a combined 200+ years of environmental experience. Hazardous waste disposal could be extremely expensive, but with Clean Management’s experience and knowledge in the industry, we can get it done at a competitive price.

No contracts, no obligations.

We don’t lock you down into stringent, long-term contracts. If you’re not happy with our service, we want you to have the freedom to explore other options; we’ll still be here if you change your mind.

We can do anything. Just ask.

In addition to Hazardous Waste disposal services, we also offer effective environmental solutions. We specialize in oddball drums, materials, and projects. We can handle your project from cradle to grave and dispose of any waste, anywhere. No job is too big or too small. We also provide a wide array of industrial services, remediation, lab packs, and hazardous waste transportation throughout the United States.

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You’re not just a number.

You will have a designated environmental expert that will be your point of contact so you won’t have to worry about having to talk to someone different each time you call. Your expert will be proactive by calling to follow up with you to see if you are ready for another waste disposal pickup, or if there is anything else that you might need.

Real people, Personalized service

When you call Clean Management, you’ll notice that the phone is answered by a live operator every single time. Call us old school, but we don’t believe in automated phone systems; we believe in personalized service and creating long-term relationships.

Give us a call anytime at 866-907-6681

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Team & Experience

Clean Management’s highly skilled management and personnel have combined environmental management experience of more than 200 years, and some of our team members have been with us for nearly three decades. In our decades of experience, we have refined our techniques to provide our clients with waste management services that are efficient and regulation compliant.

Stability and Longevity

Over the last 3 decades, we have operated under the same name, under the same ownership, using the same phone number, nor have we ever filed for bankruptcy. So you can be assured that we will be here for years to come to handle all of your environmental waste management needs.

One Stop Shop

Clean Management Environmental is your one stop shop when it comes to Hazardous and Non-Hazardous waste disposal. Clean Management can handle any type of waste stream you have. Whether you have hazardous chemicals, paint waste, inorganic acids, or radioactive waste, we’ve got you covered. Instead of calling 3 different vendors to come pick up your waste, you can make one call and let Clean Management handle the rest. Whether you have 1 location or 100 locations throughout the United States, Clean Management has you covered.

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Health & Safety

One of Clean Management’s top priorities are the health and safety of workers and the environment. Through targeted training programs and regulation-compliant waste management techniques, we help companies reduce the risk of health and safety violations and minimize negative environmental impact.

Certifications & Accreditations

Clean Management works with all types of waste-generating entities, from small quantity generators to complex government enterprises. Our company functions in compliance with the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) and is equipped to manage Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA) wastes. Clean Management is EPA compliant and has $15 million of liability insurance, zero debt, and can handle the entire documentation process for you. Let us handle the waste management, while you get back to doing what you do best.

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Excellent Service
Excellent Service

We know that our customers are the reason that we are in business. We'll treat you like the very important person that you are and we'll make sure that you are delighted with us.


We know that you have choices when it comes to management of hazardous waste. We will provide you with a great price and an even greater value of service.


We know what you are doing and we have the experience and expertise to get you a quote quickly and accurately. No need to wait days (or even weeks) for a quote.


At Clean Management, safety is paramount. We take the time to do our job to protect the environment, people, equipment & facilities.


There are a lot of laws, rules, and regulations in the hazmat business. We know how to keep you fully compliant with all of them.

Document Retention
Document Retention

We keep copies of all of your profiles, manifests, certificates of destruction, and other important documents - so that you don't have to.