Transportation Services

If you are searching for a vendor to transport hazardous or non-hazardous waste for your company, search no more.

Clean Management Environmental Group, Inc. specializes in the transport and removal of ANY waste, in ANY location. Clean Management offers nationwide services for the transportation and/or disposal of waste for your commercial or industrial business. Our transporters are well-trained, certified hazardous waste transportation professionals with years of experience transporting various types of hazardous waste.

Clean Management can handle any simple transportation job from non-hazardous to hazardous waste recycling and disposal services to make your waste removal process as seamless and stress-free as possible. We will handle your materials and keep your business up to code by adhering to all necessary regulations and requirements. Learn more about the various transportation services offered by Clean Management below:

Transportation Services

Vacuum Trucks

For liquid messes that need large equipment to clean up, we offer vacuum trucks on site. These are designed to suck liquids, sludges, and slurries from a location or from underground into the vacuum tank attached to the truck.


A truck that is entirely flat with no sides or roof is known as a flatbed. We use flatbeds to transport large and small dry materials.


Typically, tanker trucks are offered when a job entails carrying liquified loads, dry bulk, or gases safely on roads.

Rolloff Boxes

Clean Management uses rolloff boxes, which is basically a very large open-top dumpster, to move waste from point A to point B.

Walking Floor Trailers

We offer walking/moving floor trailers. These floors are hydraulically driven and mimic a conveyor belt that slides or pushes the material out the back of the van trailer.

Temperature Controlled

We offer temperature-controlled environments via van trailers as well as tanker trucks for carrying liquified loads, dry bulk, or hazardous gasses.

Box Trucks

For tight areas where a 48’ van trailer cannot access, we typically offer a box truck service. Box trucks are much shorter in length than van trailers.

End Dumps

We use specialized tractor trailers with hydraulic hoists known as end dumps for specific transportation jobs.

Van Trailers

Our most common method of transportation is 48’ and 53’ van trailers. This is the most common when transporting drums and totes of waste to the appropriate disposal facility.

Hazardous Waste Transportation

Clean Management will remove hazardous waste from one site to another by highway, rail, water, or air. Contact Clean Management Environmental Group, Inc. regarding your hazardous waste transport needs.

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