Services Offered

Clean Management Environmental Group, Inc. offers effective environmental services and hazardous waste disposal solutions. We specialize in oddball drums and materials. We can dispose of any waste, anywhere! No job is too big or too small. We also provide a wide array of industrial services, remediation, spill response, lab packs, and hazardous waste transportation.

Waste Management

We offer transportation and disposal of any type of Hazardous or Non-hazardous waste anywhere in the United States. There isn’t a waste material that we are not capable of handling.

Lab Packs

We offer fast and cost-effective lab pack services. Our trained personnel will properly identify, classify, pack, transport and dispose of your material. We serve schools, colleges, research labs, hospitals and companies.

Industrial Services

We offer many industrial waste management services such as: spill and industrial cleanups; remediation services; maintenance and plant closures; phase I, II, & III audits; landfill leachate treatments and disposals.

Emergency Response

Count on us for any emergency service. We offer EPA superfund management; EPA region 4-approved meth lab response and disposal; tank and pit cleaning; and demolition.

Major Projects

We have successfully completed numerous projects for waste management and chemical disposal for companies all over the U.S. We serve clients large and small.

Specialized Jobs

If you have unique waste management needs, our professional team will be happy to learn the specifics of the task and prepare a custom waste disposal plan for you.

Clean Management - Experience You Can Count On

Founded in 1992, Clean Management Environmental Group, Inc. is a family-owned business with strong financial resources.  The company provides environmental services across the United States for commercial and industrial clients, both large and small.


Hazardous Waste is Serious Business - Let Us Help You Stay Out of Hot Water

The management of hazardous waste is complex and there are many rules, regulations, and laws that require your compliance.  Let our experts help you handle this important challenge - allowing you to get back to running your business.

Laboratory Waste, Chemical Waste, and Lab Packs

Small quantities of a lot of different chemical waste streams are handled using "lab pack" methodology.  Let our experts identify, characterize, pack, label, transport, treat, and dispose of your chemical or laboratory waste streams.


About Us

Founded in 1992, Clean Management Environmental Group, Inc. is a stable, debt-free environmental waste management company. We own and operate the first permitted non-hazardous processing facility in the Southeast. In our 25 year history we have never changed our name or phone number, nor have we ever filed for bankruptcy. So you can be assured that we will be here for years to come to handle all of your environmental needs.

Case Studies

Major Railroad Spill Cleanup

Clean Management was engaged to clean up a spill on a transfer site’s railroad tracks in eastern Tennessee.  The spill was a major event that garnered national television, online, and print newspaper coverage.  The spill cleanup was under the control of EPA Region 4 as well as state, county, and city regulators and authorities. At the time …

Major Railroad Spill Cleanup Read More »

Fiberglass Plant Closure Cleanup

Clean Management was engaged to assist in the environmental clean-up after the closure of a major fiberglass manufacturing facility.  Our team coordinated with the client as well as local regulators to ensure that the environmental cleanup services tasks that were assigned to Clean Management were accomplished in accordance with their guidance.  The following tasks were …

Fiberglass Plant Closure Cleanup Read More »

Beneficial Reuse of Damaged Pool Chemicals

Clean Management was engaged to assist in finding beneficial re-use of pool chemicals that we not able to be sold because of packaging that was damaged in a facility fire.  As an alternative to disposing of these chemicals as hazardous waste, which would have been very costly and inconsistent with the company’s commitment to environmental …

Beneficial Reuse of Damaged Pool Chemicals Read More »

Disposal of Damaged Food En-route to Military

A major shipment of ice cream that was en-route to Afghanistan as food for American military units deployed there was determined to have exceeded the maximum allowable temperature for safe shipment, and thus required waste management services.  Clean Management was engaged to pick-up, transport, and dispose of the expired product for the military.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do State Environmental Regulations Mirror Federal Regulations?

Every state must comply with federal environmental regulations, but they are free to create their own regulations that are more strict than their federal counterparts. For example, the EPA publishes a list of hazardous waste on their website, but states may consider some substances hazardous even if they are not specifically mentioned on the EPA’s …

Do State Environmental Regulations Mirror Federal Regulations? Read More »

How do OSHA Workplace Rules Affect My Hazardous Waste Plan?

OSHA is concerned with the protection of workers within the workplace, and companies whose workers are nearby hazardous waste need to ensure that they are taking the necessary steps to comply with OSHA’s industrial hygiene rules. OSHA defines industrial hygiene as the “science and art devoted to the anticipation, recognition, evaluation, and control of those …

How do OSHA Workplace Rules Affect My Hazardous Waste Plan? Read More »

What is the EPA E-Manifest?

As per the EPA, the EPA e-manifest is “a national system for tracking hazardous waste shipments electronically.” For wastes that must be manifested (according to federal and state laws), this can now be done electronically. In the future, the e-Manifest system will be mandatory, as it is a more efficient method of tracking shipments of …

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