Mercury Contaminated Gym Floor Removal

Mercury contaminated gym floor removal for a University in South Dakota

man in a hazmat suit cleaning the gym floor contaminated boxes in an indoor gymnasium

  • Removed a 10,000 sq ft gym floor that contained mercury.
  • The original scope of work did not include removing thousands of nails because the nails could not be seen until we started removing the floor. A jack hammer was used to remove the nails that were embedded in the concrete holding the floor down.
  • Industrial floor scrapers were used after removing the nails because a standard floor scraper would not remove the floor due to its hardness and the amount of adhesive that was used.
  • The mercury floor was packed into 26 Cubic yard boxes and disposed of as mercury contaminated waste.
  • After the floor was removed, the concrete subfloor was tested for mercury before cutting up and removing the concrete.
  • A mercury vapor analyzer was used to monitor mercury vapor levels throughout the 2 weeks on site.

mercury contaminated scraps

cleaning a contaminated gym floor

man using a machine to help clean a contaminated gym floor

machinery in the mercury-contaminated gym

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