Company Profile

Clean Management Environmental Group Inc. was founded in 1992 in the lowcountry of South Carolina. Michael Smith set out to start his own environmental company that focused on offering great service to its customers, all while protecting our children’s future. Clean Management initially focused its services in the Southeastern region of the United States where it actually opened the first permitted non-hazardous processing facility in the state of South Carolina.

After initially being focused in the Southeast, Clean Management slowly started to gain customers all over the east coast of the country. After years of offering great services primarily on the east coast, Clean Management decided to take its services nationwide. 27 years later, Clean Management now services all 50 states in the country. Clean Management’s logo is an Oak tree which is meant to resemble strength, stability, and honesty. Clean Management has lived up to its logo as it is one of the oldest environmental companies in the country that has never changed its name or filed for bankruptcy. Clean Management still remains a privately owned and completely debt free company to this day.

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