The Aggregate Industry is comprised of thousands of companies and workers that mine, produce, and sell aggregate substances like sand, crushed stone, and gravel. These substances either stand alone or serve as reinforcement for composite materials, such as concrete and asphalt. They are also used to support roads, drains, and building foundations.

machine moving aggregate material

Aggregates, such as those mentioned above, compose up to “94 percent of asphalt and 80 percent of concrete.” Roads across the United States are in constant need of repair, which means that the aggregate industry is one that is continuously in demand. In addition, aggregate materials are also used in roofing shingles, home foundations, around railroad tracks, and even in cosmetics.

All these mined materials must be transported from the site of the mine to other locations, and waste materials created in the extraction need to be handled appropriately. Also, many aggregate materials are partially made from recycled aggregate, which have to be moved from the demolition site to the new one. Clean Management offers transportation services that can accommodate both aggregate waste and recycling.

Because of the nature of the industry, workers are regularly exposed to important operational risks. The extraction of resources through mining and quarrying involves the use of heavy machinery, exposure to dusty air and explosives, and exposure to noises and vibrations on a regular basis.

Due to all of these factors, it is vital for workers to know what workplace safety standards are in place and to know how to follow them. The aggregate industry comes with inherent risks to those who work within it, which necessitates health and safety training that is both consistent and of quality. Clean Management offers workers safety training programs that are compliant with federal regulations. We can also clean and dispose of any waste generated by your aggregate-handling facility. Contact Clean Management for more information and to learn how we can assist your business.

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