Construction Waste Disposal

The construction industry generates a staggering amount of waste. In fact, construction waste accounts for one-third of all of the world’s waste. To minimize safety risks and environmental harm, it’s imperative that this waste is collected and disposed of according to relevant standards.

The solid waste produced by the construction industry is regulated under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA). Construction waste comes in many forms, from generally harmless building waste, like wood and concrete, to demolition debris that may contain hazards, like lead or asbestos. For both hazardous construction waste disposal and non-hazardous construction waste disposal, compliance with RCRA is of the utmost importance. What is considered hazardous or nonhazardous waste varies by state, as do acceptable disposal methods.

Working conditions for those in the construction industry are regulated by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA). Construction sites regularly expose workers to potentially harmful conditions, such as heights, electric shocks, and heavy machinery. Due to these inherent risks, health and safety training is vital.

To ensure that your company is in compliance with RCRA, proper and complete identification of solid waste products is necessary. Clean Management Environmental Group, Inc., offers professional construction waste disposal services to help you keep your facilities RCRA violation-free and safe for your employees. We also offer safety training programs that are regulation compliant. Contact Clean Management for more information on how we can assist your business with our RCRA compliance solutions for construction debris removal.

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