3 Reasons the Waste Hierarchy Is Important

3 Reasons the Waste Hierarchy Is Important

Different industries require different organization methods. One way that the waste management industry stays organized is with the waste hierarchy. The waste hierarchy is a visual evaluation tool that often features a pyramid of waste options. The top of the pyramid is the preferred waste solution, while the bottom of the pyramid is the least preferred waste solution. There are many reasons why the waste hierarchy is important for waste management companies, and we explore three reasons below.

Promotes Sustainability

When waste professionals look at the waste hierarchy, we are reminded that sustainability is possible. The preferred waste solution at the top of the pyramid is waste prevention and reduction. When we prevent and reduce waste, we immediately save resources, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and diminish potential waste toxicity. Seeing a visual representation of those eco-friendly and sustainable benefits makes cleaner waste management goals feel more realistic.

Provides a Visual Representation of Waste Management Goals

Sometimes, we can’t achieve the lofty goal of waste prevention and reduction. Thankfully, the waste hierarchy provides a more detailed visual representation of waste management goals beneath this pinnacle. Beneath the waste hierarchy, we see goals such as reusing and recycling waste and recovering energy from the waste management process. When we see these goals on the pyramid, we can identify our place in managing waste sustainably.

Helps Professionals Identify Roles in Waste Management

Waste professionals play important roles in waste management on every level of the waste hierarchy pyramid. Even when we work at the bottom in waste treatment and disposal, we can still look at the hierarchy and consider how to make our roles more sustainable. Identifying our roles and potential eco-friendly improvements can elevate the entire pyramid and make waste management better and cleaner.

The waste hierarchy is important for these three reasons. As a hazardous waste management company, we pride ourselves on examining our role within the waste hierarchy and finding the most sustainable solutions possible. If you need hazardous waste removal in San Diego, we can provide these solutions for you.

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