A Retailer’s Guide to Cannabis Disposal

Cannabis disposal has been an emerging market in the waste disposal industry. With new businesses on the rise in all of the states where cannabis is legal in some capacity, business owners face all sorts of red tape when it comes to proper commercial waste disposal, which is a commonly encountered issue.

There is a mile-long list of regulations in place to keep medical and recreational cannabis disposal properly monitored and strong repercussions for those who choose not to follow. Each set of regulations for proper disposal varies by state, but there are common instances when cannabis must be destroyed.

Below we have outlined several scenarios which may require a professional waste management company to take care of your cannabis disposal needs:

Returned Merchandise

Unlike a clothing store, returning cannabis isn’t as simple as putting product back out on display. If product is returned, it must be properly disposed of. Whether there is a mold issue, or even if there was a simple mix up in product; if the cannabis has left the premises or if the buyer left, the cannabis product must be disposed of when it is returned.

Selling product that has been returned can lead to serious fines and the termination of your cannabis retail license. It is important to read up on your local guidelines to find out how exactly you should dispose of cannabis waste or call on a professional and certified waste disposal company.

Free Samples

It’s not out of the ordinary for dispensaries to provide samples of new or popular strains for their customers to try or inspect free of charge before they make a purchase. However, this cannabis must be labeled as display and only be used for that purpose. If there is display cannabis that’s leftover, by law it cannot be used or sold. Display cannabis must be disposed of by a professional company who can abide by state regulations.

Types of Waste that Needs Proper Disposal

Waste doesn’t just come from retail space, it can also be cultivated during the growing/production process. Stalks, roots and leaves that contain THC all need to be properly disposed of, as well as any liquids that could contaminate groundwater. Any plant waste that can’t be sold or distributed must be properly disposed of by a company that can abide by state regulations.

How to Get Started

First, you’ll want to talk to a rep at a cannabis waste disposal company, like Clean Management, to discuss your specific needs and requirements within your state. From there, we will give you an estimated cost for services and then set up the transportation and disposal of your cannabis waste. After your first pickup, you should be prompted to set up a schedule that works for your business’s unique needs. Clean Management Environmental Group, Inc. offers nationwide services that can cater to your cannabis waste disposal needs. To talk to a cannabis disposal rep, call us today.


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