Hazardous Waste Labeling and Marking

Labels vs Markings

There are special hazardous waste labeling requirements that you need to follow for proper disposal. See important hazardous waste labeling and marking tips below.

Markings                                                           Labels

Hazardous Waste Markings              Hazardous Waste Labels


Hazardous Waste Markings

Each Hazardous Waste Container must have a yellow Hazardous Waste Marking as shown below. 

Hazardous Waste Marking

The hazardous waste container must contain the words “Hazardous Waste.” In addition, they need the following hazardous waste labels and markings:

  • Generator Information (Name, Address, Phone)
  • Accumulation start date
  • DOT shipping name
  • Applicable waste codes

There needs to be one marking per drum, or 2 markings per tote/cubic yard box/pallet on opposite sides. 


Non Hazardous Waste Markings

If your waste is Non Hazardous, then each drum will need to have green Non Hazardous Marking as shown below. 

Non Hazardous Waste Label

There needs to be one marking per drum, or 2 markings per tote/cubic yard box/pallet on opposite sides. 


Hazardous Waste Labels

Hazardous Waste Markings

In addition to Hazardous Waste markings your containers also need Hazardous Waste labels. Labels for hazardous waste are 4” x 4” diamond shaped placards that indicate the type of hazard that the waste exhibits. Labels are extremely important for generators who have multiple waste streams with different characteristics. This helps prevent employees from mixing waste streams together that could potentially cause very big problems. Labels are also important for personnel at the TSDF your waste goes to so they know how to handle and treat the waste. Not only do these labels help employees on site, and employees at the disposal facility, but they are very important for emergency personnel so they know how to handle waste in an emergency situation.

Each drum should have at least 1 label on it. Larger containers such as totes, cubic yard boxes and pallets require placards. Some of your drums may need more than 1 type of label, for example if you have a waste stream that is flammable and corrosive you would need a label for each characteristic.



Hazardous waste placards are 10.75” x 10.75” and are essentially the same thing as a Hazardous Waste label, except placards are much larger and are to be used on larger containers. If your hazardous waste is being stored in totes, cubic yard boxes, pallets, you will need hazardous waste placards. Totes, cubic yard boxes, and pallets need to have 2 placards placed on them on opposite sides.

Hazardous Waste Disposal tote placard




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