How To Choose a Lab Pack Provider

How To Choose a Lab Pack Provider

Your company may require lab packs if it uses potentially hazardous chemicals. When it comes to the disposal of those chemicals, there are federal regulations and state laws that companies must follow. The industries most affected by those regulations are manufacturing, medicine, and science labs. It can be overwhelming to do on your own, but there are ways to outsource the work put into disposal. There are lab pack providers you can purchase lab packs from so that it is an easier process. The packs include a container (often a drum or box) for the material and protective packing materials to ensure the containers stay safe during transportation. Read more about how to choose a lab pack provider.

What Are the Types of Chemicals?

Lab packing requires chemicals to be placed in the correct DOT-approved containers, so you must start by identifying which chemicals need to be discarded. Are there any flammable or corrosive chemicals? Will you be needing drums or boxes? What packing material will be best for transportation? Some lab pack services can support you with these decisions, or you can do your own research.

What Is the Volume?

When deciding on how to choose a lab pack provider, you must also figure out how much chemical waste you are disposing of, so you can get the correct amount of lab packs. One lab pack usually has a 55-gallon drum or a box that is one cubic yard. The containers are filled with smaller containers and packing material, usually vermiculite, so take into account that those take up some space.

How Frequently Will You Be Disposing of Them?

In addition to considering the volume of chemicals you need to dispose of, you will need to know how frequently you’ll need lab packs. You may want to hire a service provider for support. They will evaluate your lab pack needs, audit for potential risks, and help form a plan of action for orders.

Who Will Be Packing the Chemicals?

It is important to consider who is doing the packing part of the process. Do you have an employee with a strong background in chemical identification and disposal? If not, you can outsource this duty to a qualified lab packing technician. It is a safe, essential step of the process.

Who Will Be Transporting Them?

Only certain transportation companies can transport hazardous waste. They must be assessed and permitted by the DOT and EPA. It is the business owner’s responsibility to make sure chemical transportation is legitimate. Do your research and check with the lab pack provider. They should be able to tell you the exact transportation company and that it is approved. If it is not approved, it could become a risk for the company, as all parties involved with illegal transportation are held accountable.

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