What Materials Should Be Transported in a Lab Pack?

What Materials Should Be Transported in a Lab Pack?

All industries produce waste. Many industries also produce hazardous waste, from schools with expired paint to hospitals with disinfectant agents. Regardless of the source of the hazardous waste, the business that produced it must dispose of it safely. One way to dispose of some materials, including specific types of hazardous waste, is with lab packs. Keep reading to learn more about how this disposal option works and what materials should be transported in a lab pack.

Lab Pack Definition

Lab packs are large, sturdy containers, often called drums, that hold smaller containers of chemicals. Packing these smaller containers inside the lab pack drum allows the producer to consolidate the chemicals before transporting it for safe disposal. Most of the time, a waste management company such as Clean Management Environmental Group is involved with this process. This allows for safe and efficient identification, organization, packing, transportation, and disposal.

Ideal Materials for Transportation

The term “chemicals” covers a broad range of potential materials for transport. We use this general term because there are many kinds of materials that are safe to transport in a lab pack. You can transport and dispose of acids, bases, aerosols, compressed gasses, oxidizers, solvents, cleaning and disinfecting agents, radioactive materials, paint and paint thinners, mixed waste, and even unknown waste.

Lab Pack Limitations

The list we included above is extensive and doesn’t even include all the potential materials that should be transported in a lab pack. With such an extensive list, it seems as though lab packs have almost no limitations. While you can ship almost anything in a lab pack, there are limitations on what you can pack together. Even though the chemicals are in different containers within the lab pack, it’s still safer for everyone involved to separate some materials. For example, it’s often best to ship radioactive materials on their own, so they don’t interact and interfere with other waste.

Lab packs are a great option for transporting and disposing of various materials, including hazardous ones. If your business needs lab pack disposal, Clean Management Environmental Group is happy to help. We are a turnkey operation, which means we can do everything from the identification of materials onsite to their safe disposal elsewhere. Contact us for a free quote.

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