What To Look For in an Industrial Waste Disposal Company

What To Look For in an Industrial Waste Disposal Company

You may be one of the many business owners or managers that knows they need to revamp their waste management with a new partner company, but does not understand what to look for in an industrial waste disposal company. These partnerships are an investment in your company’s future and health, so this is not a choice to be taken lightly. You want reliable, intelligent partners in this facet of your company, just like you would in any other facet. As you make your decision, it might be helpful to refer to this list to see if your options possess these qualities.

Experience in Your Sector

The waste disposal needs of your company are no doubt different from the disposal needs of your neighbor’s or friend’s company. When you explore all your waste disposal options, make sure you ask representatives about their company’s experience.

Have they ever catered to your sector specifically? If not, are there any similar sectors where they may have learned transferrable skills or knowledge? Just like when you interview a new hire, when you speak to waste disposal companies, you want to gauge their experience level and previous achievements in your area.

Strong Reputation

Partnering with an industrial waste disposal company involves a large cash and energy investment. Before you commit to one company, you will want to do some online research about their background and reputation. The Better Business Bureau is a good place to start, as is Glassdoor if you want to see how employees feel about the company.

You can also speak to some of their other customers. Some waste disposal companies are willing to give you a list of referrals if you ask. It is in your best interest to call these companies and see if there are any patterns, negative or positive, in the ways people talk about their experiences with the waste disposer.

Can Save You Money

Though it costs money to hire a waste disposal company, the relationship will ideally save you money in the long run. A waste disposal company can find all the ways you have been losing money in your waste processing. By reversing these problems, the partnership can be advantageous for both parties.

As you look for partners, pay close attention to the ones that talk about how your investment in their abilities will pay you back. This is a sign that they have your interests at heart.

Better Efficiency

Waste disposal companies can save you money by fixing areas of inefficiency in your waste management handling. When businesses work with recycling companies without the assistance of a waste disposal company, they are at the mercy of recyclers that are not necessarily dedicated to efficiency. Missed or late pickups or sudden unwarranted price increases are common occurrences with recycling companies.

A strong waste disposal company will put a system together that’s dedicated to the efficient transfer of recyclables and other waste items. A streamlined process will give you some peace of mind. Without a recycling company possibly taking advantage of you, you can trust your waste is being handled by trustworthy people.

More Recycling

One of the more frustrating aspects of a recycling program is that even if you put everything in the correct bins, there is still a chance everything can end up in a landfill. But waste disposal companies can make certain your recyclables end up where they belong.

There is no reason items like aluminum cans, packaging materials, pallets, and glass should be in a landfill. If you find the right waste disposal company, you can rest assured that the proper processes will be enacted to bring everything to its proper place.

Lower Cost of Waste Transportation

Attempting waste transportation by yourself can be a costly ordeal. You will have to buy or rent a vehicle that can hold the waste your company generates. Since these tools are already owned by industrial waste disposal companies, most people save time, energy, and money by enlisting their services.

When you investigate your various options, make sure to do some math on how much each company will charge to transport your waste versus how much you would be willing to pay to do it yourself. If the math checks out in the waste disposal company’s favor, you might be one step closer to making your decision.

Compliant With Government Regulations

More than anything, what to look for in an industrial waste disposal company is their compliance with government regulations. You are no doubt aware that disposal mistakes, even minor ones, can lead to substantial fees. But sifting through every regulation levied by the Environmental Protection Agency is a tall order.

One of the advantages of a waste disposal company is they can take much of the worry out of that obstacle. When looking for a waste disposal company, find one with the proper accreditation to dispose of waste. A reliable, strong company will be aware of all the forms, permits, and regulations that go into disposing of your waste.

Scheduled Pickup and Delivery

As with any potential partnership, it is vital to consider the logistics of the relationship. You want to work with a company with a schedule that complements your own. Before you commit yourself to a waste disposal company, make sure they can complete consistent pickups and deliveries at times that work best for you.

Financially Responsible

If your partnership with a waste disposal company is conceived on the basis of a mutually advantageous relationship, the waste disposal company should find ways to cut back on costs. They should look out for new services and equipment that can save you money. Unlike recycling companies that deal with hidden fees and add-ons, a waste disposal business will hopefully be able to adjust prices in your favor as the partnership goes on.


Looking through these qualities, you hopefully have a greater sense of what you should expect from a waste disposal business. Maybe you discovered that your current company should be achieving more, maybe this has led you to a conclusion about which partner to choose, or maybe it has just offered more food for thought as you work through this decision.

As the public becomes more conscious of how waste is managed and stored, it will only become more necessary to responsibly dispose of waste. Do not let this essential part of business fly by. Be proactive, be intelligent, and work with waste disposal partners that really know their stuff.

What To Look For in an Industrial Waste Disposal Company

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