Why Proper Hand Sanitizer Waste Disposal Is Essential

Why Proper Hand Sanitizer Waste Disposal Is Essential

Due to recent global health concerns, the demand for hand sanitizer is at an all-time high. While medical facilities have always kept this disinfecting material on hand, more and more businesses are stocking up to keep everyone safe. While this is a good thing when fighting health issues, it does present a new problem that many companies may not have considered: disposal.

In small amounts, like that of your average household, hand sanitizer doesn’t present much of a threat. However, industrial-sized quantities from hospitals, research facilities, and other big corporations need to be disposed of carefully. Learn why proper hand sanitizer waste disposal is essential for your establishment.

To Improve Safety Conditions

First and foremost, improper hand sanitizer waste disposal could present a real safety hazard to your staff. The chemicals in most disinfecting solutions are highly flammable and could catch a spark under the right conditions. Removing your excess hand sanitizer the right way will help you avoid any unsafe working conditions.

In addition, the FDA has recalled many hand sanitizer brands for using unsafe chemicals that put humans at risk. These substances contain chemicals that cause burning to the skin, eyes, nose, and throat, among other health concerns. If you need to toss your recalled hand sanitizer, doing it properly will mitigate any threat to those handling unsafe materials.

To Reduce Environmental Impact

Safety isn’t the only reason why proper hand sanitizer waste disposal is essential. Tossing industrial amounts of disinfecting agents incorrectly can have disastrous results on the environment. Expired or recalled hand sanitizer is toxic to ingest for most animals, making it dangerous if it winds up in local ecosystems.

Pouring excess hand sanitizer down the drain can have even worse results. When you dump sterilizing products into sewer systems, you risk polluting the local community’s water supply. Vapors from hand sanitizer could also create an explosion hazard to city water systems, so practicing caution is key.

To Adhere to Federal Guidelines

Since governing bodies qualify large amounts of hand sanitizer as hazardous waste, there are regulations that businesses must follow when it comes to its disposal. The guidelines are not optional, and breaking them could have significant consequences for your company. From citations to fines and even license suspensions, breaking waste disposal laws is something most companies can’t afford.

The waste disposal industry is complex, so most companies don’t know every detail regarding rules and regulations. Waste cleanup companies like Clean Management Environmental Group know the ins and outs of the business and can help you make the right choices. If you have commercial amounts of hand sanitizer you need to dispose of, call us today and let us help.

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