3 Common Misconceptions About Hazardous Waste

3 Common Misconceptions About Hazardous Waste

The waste management industry is a robust sector that does important work. Handling hazardous waste is among the most critical services these businesses can offer. Disposing of waste incorrectly can have massive environmental and financial ramifications.

Most companies make mistakes in this department because they don’t understand the details. Believing common misconceptions about hazardous waste may lead you down the wrong path. Debunk these myths and improve your standards so you can avoid any harsh consequences.

Industrial Sites Are the Only Places That Produce Hazardous Waste

What do you picture when you hear the term “hazardous waste?” If you imagine radioactive materials, corrosive liquids, and combustible products, you’d be correct! However, hazardous waste encompasses more than what many would typically think.

This kind of restrictive thinking leads people to believe that only industrial sites produce hazardous waste. The truth is that businesses in virtually every industry generate dangerous by-products. You also create hazardous waste if you use and throw away any of the following items in your daily operations:

  • Cleaning products
  • Paints and stains
  • Gasoline
  • Batteries

Businesses Aren’t Responsible for Their Hazardous Waste

Some businesses maintain an “out of sight, out of mind” approach when dealing with dangerous products. Once your garbage leaves your establishment, you’re no longer liable for any problems, right? This thought is another common misconception about hazardous waste that can actually cause chaos within your company.

Local and federal guidelines put the burden on businesses to dispose of their waste properly. Failure to meet expectations could result in fines and license suspensions.

In addition, companies are always vulnerable to the court of public opinion; people who prioritize the environment won’t continue to give money to establishments that don’t care about their impact.

Only Hazardous Waste Is Dangerous

The word “hazardous” sends many red flags to people dealing with waste management within their own businesses. However, many think that products without this label are completely safe to toss without much thought. In reality, even non-hazardous materials can pose a threat to your staff and the environment.

To avoid these complications, it’s best to hire a service like Clean Management Environmental Group. We offer hazardous waste removal in San Diego and other parts of the country to dispose of your products the right way. Get a quote online to start the process, and let us do the rest!

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