Steps To Manage Recycling at Your Facility

Steps To Manage Recycling at Your Facility

When you recycle waste correctly at your facility, you ensure that your company is safe, eco-friendly, and cost-efficient. You can get all employees working together for the same cause, and you can guarantee that hazardous waste is disposed of in the safest way possible. This all starts with creating a great recycling plan and training employees. Read more about these steps to manage recycling at your facility.

Create a Recycling Plan

Successful recycling begins with a strong plan. Create a recycling plan at your facility and make sure all workers are trained in it. Your plan should include rules and regulations. It should also have a special section for hazardous waste disposal. Finally, make sure there are repercussions for not following the plan. All employees should work together and uphold protocols when it comes to recycling.

Post Information About Recyclables

It’s not always clear to workers what can be recycled and what cannot. Make sure you hang posters about what can and cannot be recycled. For instance, cardboard boxes can be recycled but only if they are completely clean and metal cans need to have their labels removed before recycling. These types of specific protocols should be posted by the recycling area at your workplace.

Recycle Hazardous Waste Safely

Addressing what’s to be done with hazardous waste is one of the most vital steps to managing recycling at your facility. Hazardous waste disposal procedures should be made very clear to employees. You should hold meetings about the protocols regularly to ensure a safe work environment. Post signs that explain warning labels and what they mean. Specific protocols should be written out and within reach of workers.

Conduct Waste Audits

Waste audits help your company recycle its optimum number of recyclable materials. By doing a waste audit, you’re discovering exactly what is being disposed of in a landfill and what is being recycled. You may find that you’re not recycling enough and can make changes to save money and the environment. Start by collecting and separating waste. Weigh each waste stream to understand how much you can recycle.

For substantial waste disposal and recycling, visit Clean Management Environmental Group. They offer recycling and hazardous waste disposal services that can help your facility dispose of materials in the most effective manner.

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