The Proper Way To Dispose of Hazardous Waste

The Proper Way To Dispose of Hazardous Waste

Disposal of hazardous waste isn’t as simple as throwing away expired food or broken furniture. Hazardous waste can cause a lot of environmental damage if it gets into landfills without the proper treatments. That’s why everyone should learn the proper way to dispose of hazardous waste.

Home Disposal

The methods of home disposal of hazardous waste aren’t the same as industrial or commercial disposal, as the amount of hazardous waste homes produce isn’t nearly high enough for a consistent service. That’s why home disposal is usually local and requires a lot more effort on the people who live in the home.

Hazardous Waste Facilities

The most common way people dispose of hazardous waste is through their local household hazardous waste (HHW) facilities. These are places to which you can travel that will accept your hazardous waste and deal with it properly.

Local Drop-Off Locations

If you don’t want to drive all the way out to an HHW facility, you can try calling up local stores that might serve as drop-off points for hazardous materials. Some states and cities also offer hazardous waste collection days a few times a year; check with your local government for proper information.

Industrial and Commercial Disposal

Unlike homes, industrial and commercial buildings produce hazardous materials at a much higher rate. This makes it more beneficial for them to use hazardous waste transportation and disposal companies. These companies will come and collect the hazardous waste from the producers and bring it to a processing plant.

EPA Regulation

When it comes to the disposal of hazardous waste, the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) is in charge. It sets the rules for proper disposal. Everyone should look at its guidelines when making decisions on the proper way to dispose of hazardous waste. By following these rules, you ensure that you’re lowering your environmental impact.

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