Case Studies

Clean Management has experience with a wide variety of large and complex waste management, treatment, and disposal challenges.  Here are just a few examples of our work with both hazardous and non-hazardous waste disposal:


Major Railroad Spill Cleanup

Clean Management was engaged to clean up a spill on a transfer site’s railroad tracks in eastern Tennessee.  The spill was a major event that garnered national television, online, and print newspaper coverage.  The spill cleanup was under the control of EPA Region 4 as well as state, county, and city regulators and authorities. At the time …

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Fiberglass Plant Closure Cleanup

Clean Management was engaged to assist in the environmental clean-up after the closure of a major fiberglass manufacturing facility.  Our team coordinated with the client as well as local regulators to ensure that the environmental cleanup services tasks that were assigned to Clean Management were accomplished in accordance with their guidance.  The following tasks were …

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Beneficial Reuse of Damaged Pool Chemicals

Clean Management was engaged to assist in finding beneficial re-use of pool chemicals that we not able to be sold because of packaging that was damaged in a facility fire.  As an alternative to disposing of these chemicals as hazardous waste, which would have been very costly and inconsistent with the company’s commitment to environmental …

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Disposal of Damaged Food En-route to Military

A major shipment of ice cream that was en-route to Afghanistan as food for American military units deployed there was determined to have exceeded the maximum allowable temperature for safe shipment, and thus required waste management services.  Clean Management was engaged to pick-up, transport, and dispose of the expired product for the military.